Living here

Your Full-Service Home in Canyon

This isn’t about student housing. CEV Canyon is about student living.

Ain't Life Grand?

When you look back on college, only the truly special occasions will stand out. But that’s no reason not to make your day-to-day activites as memorable as they can be. And when it comes to memorable, CEV Canyon has you covered. We have designed our apartments with student life in mind. Every detail is there to make things a little more convenient and a whole lot more fun.

After all, studying is hard work, so our goal is to provide a seamless backdrop for your college experience. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a day in the life of the average CEV Canyon resident.

Wake Up with the Sun

All our private bedrooms have windows. After all, it’s the little things that get you going— feeling the warmth on your face, stepping into a nice hot shower. Because all our apartment bedrooms are private, you can get dressed and ready whenever and how ever you want. There’s no night owl roommate to worry about waking up.

Get Your Morning Caffeine Without Going Out of Your Way

Sure, you can make coffee in your apartment. But one of great pleasures of independent living is heading to a coffee shop to get that first cup of joe. Some mornings you’ll want to grab your coffee and head straight for campus. But other times, it’s great to savor the morning. You can sit in the café catching up on your social media feeds and maybe chatting with some friends. On a beautiful morning, though, why not bring your coffee poolside? Lounging in comfort, with the sun hitting the sparkling rays of the water, you feel like anything is possible. It’s the perfect way to start your day.

Master the Daily Commute

Mornings when you’re really late for class — or know you’ll be needing the car to run some errands straight after class — you can drive straight into West Texas A&M. With a little planning, you can avoid the stressful search for last-minute parking. The West Texas A&M shuttle stops right at CEV every morning, midday, and afternoon. Or you can walk. Hey, it’s only 10 minutes to campus. In the time it would have taken to find that parking spot, you’re already strolling into class.

Study at Home Without Losing Focus

On days that you opt not to study on campus, CEV Canyon has everything you need to succeed. Our brand new study lounge is equipped with desktops just in case your laptop breaks down in the middle of an assignment, so that you and your classmates can work on group projects or hold effective study sessions.

Time to Get Your Blood Pumping in the Fitness Center

Working out for at least 30 minutes a day has immeasurable benefits, but it’s all too easy to skip the trip to the gym when it’s a bus or car ride away. With a state of the art fitness center right next to you, you have no more excuses for skipping leg day anymore. Hop on the treadmills to burn off any lingering stress caused by challenging midterms, or do some laps in the pool for a low-impact workout. You’ll also love the savings offered by having an in-house gym rather than another monthly membership fee to pay.

Eat at Home...or Dine Out

After a hard day of studying, it’s time to enjoy dinner at your favorite local restaurant and plan a night out with your friends. Dining options around CEV Canyon range from familiar fast food options like Subway to international cuisine from Imperial Taproom. Once you’re done eating, you can head for the resident lounge to relax over a game of pool or watch the game together. Monthly planned resident events, like birthday parties and holiday celebrations, mean there’s always something fun to do.

Indulge in Some Retail Therapy

At CEV Canyon you’re close to most local shops. The city has a lot of fun boutiques for shopaholic coeds, like Dovie Lou, and the Rhinestone Cactus. Get unique home decor the Rustic Gypsy and search for used textbooks at Burrowing Owl Books. And of course, every resident of the Texas Panhandle needs the proper gear. You can get yours at the aptly named West Texas Western Stores. Boutiques and gift stores are great for browsing, but if you really only need cleaning supplies and paper towels – Canyon has its very own Walmart Supercenter.

Don't Forget Sunday's Farmer's Market

Located at the corner of 4th Avenue and 15th street, the Farmer’s Market is enjoying their sixth season of operation. In addition to seasonal produce, you can get natural meats, honey, local farm fresh eggs, homemade bread and pastries, pickles, jams and jellies, and delicious food truck goodies to munch on while you shop. Check out the booths selling handmade arts and crafts and listen to cool live music as well. With more than 40 local vendors, this great resource lets West Texas A&M students be a part of the local community as they broaden their culinary and aesthetic horizons.

Spread Your Wings and Fly

As a college student, you’re poised between childhood dependence and the great wide world of grown up possibilities. It’s an exciting time when you can try on new identities and make the wonderful friends who’ll see you through every step of the journey. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to let student housing be a burden that weighs you down. Because we know college life is messy enough, CEV Canyon takes care of the details that complicate your life and provides you with everything you need to keep the focus on studying, socializing, and quiet relaxation.