6 Part-time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

6 Part-time Jobs You’ll Actually Enjoy

Being a student living in off-campus housing is hard enough. But taking on a full credit load while trying to earn enough extra money to afford tuition, books, and rent can lead to burnout pretty fast. That’s why it’s important that students look for jobs that aren’t going to cause stress and aggravation.

Content Writer

Do your friends constantly come to you with help editing their English papers? If so, you can parley that skill into extra cash by signing up to work on a content writing platform like Textbroker or Upwork. Even earning a penny a word to start, fast writers can easily exceed minimum wage without leaving their off-campus housing or even getting out of their pajamas.

Vet Assistant

A recent Amarillo job posting calls for a “personal assistant” at a vet clinic. If you love animals, working part-time at an animal shelter, a vet’s office, or even a pet grooming facility might be the ultimate stress release. Even if you are just there to help with boring things like billing, there’s always a dog or cat nearby, looking for consolation or a good scratch.

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Sites like Rover give animal lovers another way to pick up some quick cash doing something that feels more like play than work. If your off-campus housing situation allows it, you can build a sweet business watching animals in your home. If not, there is always need for reliable dog walkers. Make money and fit exercise into your busy schedule at the same time.

Night Desk Clerk

Although these jobs don’t pay a lot, working the night shift at a motel comes with an added bonus: It’s is a quiet time that students can use to write papers and study for exams. It’s like having your employer pay you to get your course work accomplished in an environment with fewer distractions than off-campus housing.

Restaurant Host or Hostess

Waiting tables can be stressful. But if you’re outgoing and love a fun work environment, why not consider seating people at a busy eatery? Since many restaurants share tips, it’s a great way to boost your earning power while at the same time making friends and having fun. A bonus for broke and busy students: You’ll often get a free meal as part of the compensation. That’s one less meal you have to prepare yourself.

Market Research Participant

There are a couple ways you can get involved. You might be part of a focus group, helping a company to decide how to tweak a new product before it arrives on the market. Or you might be the person handing out free samples of a new product at the grocery store. Either way, it’s a fun job for people who love working in the public and have strong opinions about the things they eat and drink.